SIREM technician programing robot used to assemble Gene-Trac® reactions

Gene-Trac® testing is used to assess bioremediation potential and monitor enhanced bioremediation performance by quantifying and characterizing key dechlorinating bacteria in groundwater and soil/sediment from contaminated sites.

Use Gene-Trac® to:

  • Determine if suitable microorganisms are present for MNA remedies.
  • Predict the effectiveness of biostimulation before the addition of electron donor.
  • Determine the need for bioaugmentation.
  • Predict if intermediates such as cis-DCE or vinyl chloride are likely to accumulate.
  • Validate the performance of enhanced bioremediation projects.

Quantify and Characterize Environmental Microorganisms

Dehalococcoides (Dhc), Dehalobacter (Dhb) and Dehalogenimonas (Dhg) bacteria and key functional genes such as vinyl chloride reductase are critical to bioremediation of many chlorinated compounds, including chlorinated ethenes, ethanes, methanes and propanes. Gene-Trac® quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) testing is used to characterize and quantify these key dechlorinating bacteria at contaminated sites.

Gene-Trac® Tests Available

Test Target Relevance
Gene-Trac®Dhc** Dehalococcoides (Dhc) Critical to dechlorination of chlorinated ethenes such as PCE and TCE
Gene-Trac® VC* VC-reductase (vcrA) Dhc functional gene that dechlorinates cis-DCE and vinyl chloride to ethene
Gene-Trac® bvcA BAV1-Reductase (bvcA) Dhc functional gene that dechlorinates cis-DCE and vinyl chloride to ethene
Gene-Trac® tceA TCE-reductase Dhc functional gene that dechlorinates TCE to cis-DCE and vinyl chloride
Gene-Trac® Dhb Dehalobacter (Dhb) Critical in chlorinated methane (CF, DCM) and chlorinated ethane (e.g., 1,1,1-TCA) degradation
Gene-Trac® Dhg Dehalogenimonas (Dhg) Dechlorinate chlorinated propanes and 1,2-DCA
Gene-Trac® SRB Sulfate reducing bacteria (dsrA gene) For assessing role of SRB in reductive dechlorination, anaerobic oxidation and microbiologically induced corrosion
Gene-Trac® Universal All Bacteria For determining total bacterial biomass


Gene-Trac® Features

  • SiREM has license agreements for use of patented tests from Stanford University* and DuPont**
  • Comprehensive reports provide detailed testing and quality control parameters
  • Electronic data deliverables in various formats available
  • Field filter protocols are available that reduce shipping costs
  • Unparalleled technical support for data interpretation and planning

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